to apply

Tips for a successful application
Preparing your CV
Your CV is a tool to promote yourself, your skills and your achievements. You need to make yourself interesting and relevant so we want to find out more about you. Before submitting your CV here are a few tips to bear in mind:
- Make sure it is up to date and relevant to the role.
- Make sure your reader can easily find out about your skills and achievements.
- We want to know about your most recent experience and education first; put information in reverse chronological order.
- An introductory personal profile that sums up your skills and experience and explains the type of job you are looking for works well.

Your CV should include:
Name, address, contact details (telephone numbers and email addresses), Skills and knowledge, Management and other experience, Achievements, Training and development, Highest level of education.

If you are called for an interview
The interview is your chance to showcase your skills, abilities and personality. We want to know what you have been doing, and what you are capable of, so make sure this comes across in your answers. Think about questions that are likely to come up and rehearse your answers as far as possible. Likely questions include: Why are you suitable for this job? What are your relevant skills and experience? What makes you a good candidate? What are your strengths and where do you need to develop your skills? Why are you interested in this vacancy? Why you are interested in NCGS Group? What are you looking for in your next job? Why are you looking? What are your longer-term aspirations and ambitions? Prepare some questions of your own to ask too. This demonstrates your interest in the role and the organization and shows that you have done your research and considered your career options. It is important you come away from the interview with the information you need to make an informed decision about NCGS Group.